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Question 41 :

What is constructor ?

Answer :

A pseudo-method that creates an object. In the Java programming language, constructors are instance methods with the same name as their class. Constructors are invoked using the new keyword.

Question 42 :

What is const ?

Answer :

A reserved Java keyword not used by current versions of the Java programming language.
What is continue ?
A Java keyword used to resume program execution at the end of the current loop. If followed by a label, continue resumes execution where the label occurs.

Question 43 :

What is conversational state ?

Answer :

The field values of a session bean plus the transitive closure of the objects reachable from the bean's fields. The transitive closure of a bean is defined in terms of the serialization protocol for the Java programming language, that is, the fields that would be stored by serializing the bean instance.

Question 44 :

What is CORBA ?

Answer :

Common Object Request Broker Architecture. A language independent, distributed object model specified by the Object Management Group (OMG).

Question 45 :

What is core class ?

Answer :

A public class (or interface) that is a standard member of the Java Platform. The intent is that the core classes for the Java platform, at minimum, are available on all operating systems where the Java platform runs. A program written entirely in the Java programming language relies only on core classes, meaning it can run anywhere. .