Set - 2

Question 21 :

What is final ?

Answer :

A Java keyword. You define an entity once and cannot change it or derive from it later. More specifically: a final class cannot be subclassed, a final method cannot be overridden and a final variable cannot change from its initialized value.

Question 22 :

What is finally ?

Answer :

A Java keyword that executes a block of statements regardless of whether a Java Exception, or run time error, occurred in a block defined previously by the try keyword.

Question 23 :

What is float ?

Answer :

A Java keyword used to define a floating point number variable.

Question 24 :

What is for ?

Answer :

A Java keyword used to declare a loop that reiterates statements. The programmer can specify the statements to be executed, exit conditions, and initialization variables for the loop.

Question 25 :

What is FTP ?

Answer :

File Transfer Protocol. FTP, which is based on TCP/IP, enables the fetching and storing of files between hosts on the Internet. See also TCP/IP.