Set - 2

Question 41 :

What is impersonation ?

Answer :

An act whereby one entity assumes the identity and privileges of another entity without restrictions and without any indication visible to the recipients of the impersonator's calls that delegation has taken place. Impersonation is a case of simple delegation.

Question 42 :

What is implements ?

Answer :

A Java keyword included in the class declaration to specify any interfaces that are implemented by the current class.

Question 43 :

What is import ?

Answer :

A Java keyword used at the beginning of a source file that can specify classes or entire packages to be referred to later without including their package names in the reference.

Question 44 :

What is inheritance ?

Answer :

The concept of classes automatically containing the variables and methods defined in their super types. See also super class, subclass.

Question 45 :

What is instance ?

Answer :

An object of a particular class. In programs written in the Java programming language, an instance of a class is created using the new operator followed by the class name.