Set - 2

Question 46 :

What is instance method ?

Answer :

Any method that is invoked with respect to an instance of a class. Also called simply a method. See also class method.

Question 47 :

What is instance variable ?

Answer :

Any item of data that is associated with a particular object. Each instance of a class has its own copy of the instance variables defined in the class. Also called a field. See also class variable.

Question 48 :

What is instanceof ?

Answer :

A two-argument Java keyword that tests whether the runtime type of its first argument is assignment compatible with its second argument.

Question 49 :

What is int ?

Answer :

A Java keyword used to define a variable of type integer.

Question 50 :

What is interface ?

Answer :

A Java keyword used to define a collection of method definitions and constant values. It can later be implemented by classes that define this interface with the "implements" keyword.