Set - 3

Question 6 :

What is Java ?

Answer :

A set of technologies for creating and safely running software programs in both stand-alone and networked environments.

Question 7 :

What is Java 2 Platform ?

Answer :

The second generation of the Java platform. (The first generation was the JDK.) Also see "Java Platform" and "Java Platform Editions".

Question 8 :

What is Java 2 SDK, Standard Edition ?

Answer :

The Software Development Kit (SDK) is development environment for building applications, applets, and components using the Java programming language. This SDK provides a reference implementation of the J2SE platform.

Question 9 :

What is Java APIs for Integrated Networks (JAIN) ?

Answer :

enables the rapid development of Next Generation telecom products and services on the Java platform.

Question 10 :

What is Java Card API ?

Answer :

An ISO 7816-4 compliant application environment focused on smart cards.