Set - 3

Question 16 :

What is Java Interface Definition Language (IDL) ?

Answer :

A set of Java APIs that provide CORBA (Common Object Request Broker Architecture) interoperability and connectivity capabilities for the J2EE platform. These capabilities enable J2EE applications to invoke operations on remote network services using the OMG IDL and IIOP.

Question 17 :

What is Java Media APIs ?

Answer :

A set of APIs that support the integration of audio and video clips, 2D fonts, graphics, and images as well as 3D models and telephony.

Question 18 :

What is Java Media Framework ?

Answer :

The core framework supports clocks for synchronizing between different media (e.g., audio and video output). The standard extension framework allows users to do full audio and video streaming.

Question 19 :

What is Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) ?

Answer :

A set of APIs that assists with the interfacing to multiple naming and directory services.

Question 20 :

What is Java Native Interface ?

Answer :

A standard programming interface for writing Java native methods and embedding the JVM into native applications. The primary goal is binary compatibility of native method libraries across all JVM implementations on a given platform.