Set - 5

Question 21 :

What is transient ?

Answer :

A keyword in the Java programming language that indicates that a field is not part of the serialized form of an object. When an object is serialized, the values of its transient fields are not included in the serial representation, while the values of its non-transient fields are included.

Question 22 :

What is try ?

Answer :

A Java keyword that defines a block of statements that may throw a Java language exception. If an exception is thrown, an optional catch block can handle specific exceptions thrown within the try block. Also, an optional finally block will be executed regardless of whether an exception is thrown or not.

Question 23 :

What is type ?

Answer :

A class or interface.

Question 24 :

What is Unicode ?

Answer :

A 16-bit character set defined by ISO 10646. See also ASCII. All source code in the Java programming environment is written in Unicode.

Question 25 :

What is URI ?

Answer :

Uniform Resource Identifier. A compact string of characters for identifying an abstract or physical resource. A URI is either a URL or a URN. URLs and URNs are concrete entities that actually exist; A URI is an abstract superclass.