Set - 10

Question 41 :

How many objects are created in the following piece of code?

Answer :

MyClass c1, c2, c3;
c1 = new MyClass ();
c3 = new MyClass ();
Only 2 objects are created, c1 and c3. The reference c2 is only declared and not initialized.

Question 42 :

Can a public class MyClass be defined in a source file named

Answer :

No the source file name, if it contains a public class, must be the same as the public class name itself with a .java extension.

Question 43 :

Can main method be declared final?

Answer :

Yes, the main method can be declared final, in addition to being public static.

Question 44 :

What will be the output of the following statement?

Answer :

System.out.println ("1" + 3);
It will print 13.

Question 45 :

What will be the default values of all the elements of an array defined as an instance variable?

Answer :

If the array is an array of primitive types, then all the elements of the array will be initialized to the default value corresponding to that primitive type. e.g. All the elements of an array of int will be initialized to 0, while that of Boolean type will be initialized to false. Whereas if the array is an array of references (of any type), all the elements will be initialized to null.