Set - 5

Question 26 :

What is the argument type of a program's main() method?

Answer :

A program's main() method takes an argument of the String[] type.

Question 27 :

Which Java operator is right associative?

Answer :

The = operator is right associative.

Question 28 :

What is the Locale class?

Answer :

The Locale class is used to tailor program output to the conventions of a particular geographic, political, or cultural region.

Question 29 :

Can a double value be cast to a byte?

Answer :

Yes, a double value can be cast to a byte.

Question 30 :

What is the difference between a break statement and a continue statement?

Answer :

A break statement results in the termination of the statement to which it applies (switch, for, do, or while). A continue statement is used to end the current loop iteration and return control to the loop statement.