Set - 5

Question 46 :

If a variable is declared as private, where may the variable be accessed?

Answer :

A private variable may only be accessed within the class in which it is declared.

Question 47 :

What is an object's lock and which objects have locks?

Answer :

An object's lock is a mechanism that is used by multiple threads to obtain synchronized access to the object. A thread may execute a synchronized method of an object only after it has acquired the object's lock. All objects and classes have locks. A class's lock is acquired on the class's Class object.

Question 48 :

What is the Dictionary class?

Answer :

The Dictionary class provides the capability to store key-value pairs.

Question 49 :

How are the elements of a BorderLayout organized?

Answer :

The elements of a BorderLayout are organized at the borders (North, South, East, and West) and the center of a container.

Question 50 :

What is the % operator?

Answer :

It is referred to as the modulo or remainder operator. It returns the remainder of dividing the first operand by the second operand.