Set - 6

Question 61 :

What restrictions are placed on method overriding?

Answer :

Overridden methods must have the same name, argument list, and return type. The overriding method may not limit the access of the method it overrides. The overriding method may not throw any exceptions that may not be thrown by the overridden method.

Question 62 :

How can a dead thread be restarted?

Answer :

A dead thread cannot be restarted.

Question 63 :

What happens if an exception is not caught?

Answer :

An uncaught exception results in the uncaughtException() method of the thread's ThreadGroup being invoked, which eventually results in the termination of the program in which it is thrown.

Question 64 :

What is a layout manager?

Answer :

A layout manager is an object that is used to organize components in a container.

Question 65 :

Which arithmetic operations can result in the throwing of an ArithmeticException?

Answer :

Integer / and % can result in the throwing of an ArithmeticException.