Set - 2

Question 6 :

What is JMS client ?

Answer :

A Java language program that sends or receives messages.
Give an example of using the point-to-point model
The point-to-point model is used when the information is specific to a single client. For example, a client can send a message for a print out, and the server can send information back to this client after completion of the print job.

Question 7 :

What is Producer and Consumer?

Answer :

Answer 1:
Messaging lets a servlet delegate processing to a batch process either on the same machine or on a separate machine. The servlet creates a message and sends it to a queue. The servlet immediately completes and when the batch process is ready, it processes the message.
Messaging is therefore comprised of three main components:
A Producer creates messages and sends them to a Queue. The Producer could be something like a Servlet.
A Queue stores the messages from the Produces and provides them to a Consumer when ready. The Queue is implemented by the messaging provider.
A Consumer processes messages as they become available in the Queue. The Consumer is typically a bean implementing the MessageListener interface.

Answer 2:
A producer is the client application that plays the role of a message sender in JMS API.
A consumer is the client application that plays the role of a message receiver in JMS API.

Question 8 :

Can JMS utilities automatically re-establish a connection if one side of the communication link (i.e. an application that's sending/receiving messages) goes down and is restarted? Are there APIs to help detect that the other side broke a connection (went down)?

Answer :

Yes. You can write a snooper files to detect the service and restart the node upon node fail and a server instance fail.

Question 9 :

What is the Role of the JMS Provider?

Answer :

The JMS provider handles security of the messages, data conversion and the client triggering. The JMS provider specifies the level of encryption and the security level of the message, the best data type for the non-JMS client.

Question 10 :

What is JMS provider?

Answer :

A messaging system that implements the Java Message Service as well as other administrative and control functionality needed in a full-featured messaging product.