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Question 6 :

What are the core classes of Struts?

Answer :

Action, ActionForm, ActionServlet, ActionMapping, ActionForward are basic classes of Structs.

Question 7 :

What is the design role played by Struts?

Answer :

The role played by Structs is controller in Model/View/Controller(MVC) style. The View is played by JSP and Model is played by JDBC or generic data source classes. The Struts controller is a set of programmable components that allow developers to define exactly how the application interacts with the user.

Question 8 :

How Struts control data flow?

Answer :

Struts implements the MVC/Layers pattern through the use of ActionForwards and ActionMappings to keep control-flow decisions out of presentation layer.

Question 9 :

What configuration files are used in Struts?

Answer :
These two files are used to bridge the gap between the Controller and the Model.

Question 10 :

What helpers in the form of JSP pages are provided in Struts framework?

Answer :