Set - 4

Question 6 :

To put a "close window" link on a page ?

Answer :

<a href='javascript:window.close()' class='mainnav'> Close </a>

Question 7 :

How to hide javascript code from old browsers that dont run it?

Answer :

Use the below specified style of comments <script language=javascript> <!-- javascript code goes here // --> or Use the <NOSCRIPT>some html code </NOSCRIPT> tags and code the display html statements between these and this will appear on the page if the browser does not support javascript

Question 8 :

How to comment javascript code?

Answer :

Use // for line comments and
*/ for block comments

Question 9 :

Name the numeric constants representing max,min values ?

Answer :


Question 10 :

What does javascript null mean?

Answer :

The null value is a unique value representing no value or no object.
It implies no object,or null string,no valid boolean value,no number and no array object.