Set - 1

Question 6 :

You wish to create a link to the /data directory in bob's home directory so you issue the command ln /data /home/bob/datalink but the command fails. What option should you use in this command line to be successful. ?

Answer :

Use the -F option 

In order to create a link to a directory you must use the -F option.

Question 7 :

When you issue the command ls -l, the first character of the resulting display represents the file's ___________.

Answer :


The first character of the permission block designates the type of file that is being displayed.

Question 8 :

What utility can you use to show a dynamic listing of running processes? __________ 

Answer :


The top utility shows a listing of all running processes that is dynamically updated.

Question 9 :

Where is standard output usually directed?

Answer :

to the screen or display 

By default, your shell directs standard output to your screen or display.

Question 10 :

You wish to restore the file memo.ben which was backed up in the tarfile MyBackup.tar. What command should you type?

Answer :

tar xf MyBackup.tar memo.ben 

This command uses the x switch to extract a file. Here the file memo.ben will be restored from the tarfile MyBackup.tar.