Set - 1

Question 11 :

You need to view the contents of the tarfile called MyBackup.tar. What command would you use?

Answer :

tar tf MyBackup.tar 

The t switch tells tar to display the contents and the f modifier specifies which file to examine.

Question 12 :

You want to create a compressed backup of the users' home directories. What utility should you use?

Answer :


You can use the z modifier with tar to compress your archive at the same time as creating it.

Question 13 :

What daemon is responsible for tracking events on your system?

Answer :


The syslogd daemon is responsible for tracking system information and saving it to specified log files.

Question 14 :

You have a file called phonenos that is almost 4,000 lines long. What text filter can you use to split it into four pieces each 1,000 lines long?

Answer :


The split text filter will divide files into equally sized pieces. The default length of each piece is 1,000 lines.

Question 15 :

You would like to temporarily change your command line editor to be vi. What command should you type to change it?

Answer :

set -o vi 

The set command is used to assign environment variables. In this case, you are instructing your shell to assign vi as your command line editor. However, once you log off and log back in you will return to the previously defined command line editor.