Set - 2

Question 1 :

What account is created when you install Linux?

Answer :


Whenever you install Linux, only one user account is created. This is the superuser account also known as root.

Question 2 :

What command should you use to check the number of files and disk space used and each user's defined quotas?

Answer :


The repquota command is used to get a report on the status of the quotas you have set including the amount of allocated space and amount of used space.

Question 3 :

In order to run fsck on the root partition, the root partition must be mounted as

Answer :


You cannot run fsck on a partition that is mounted as read-write.

Question 4 :

In order to improve your system's security you decide to implement shadow passwords. What command should you use?

Answer :


The pwconv command creates the file /etc/shadow and changes all passwords to 'x' in the /etc/passwd file.

Question 5 :

Bob Armstrong, who has a username of boba, calls to tell you he forgot his password. What command should you use to reset his command?

Answer :

passwd boba 

The passwd command is used to change your password. If you do not specify a username, your password will be changed.