Set - 2

Question 6 :

The top utility can be used to change the priority of a running process? Another utility that can also be used to change priority is ___________?

Answer :


Both the top and nice utilities provide the capability to change the priority of a running process.

Question 7 :

What command should you type to see all the files with an extension of 'mem' listed in reverse alphabetical order in the /home/ben/memos directory.

Answer :

ls -r /home/ben/memos/*.mem 

The -c option used with ls results in the files being listed in chronological order. You can use wildcards with the ls command to specify a pattern of filenames.

Question 8 :

What file defines the levels of messages written to system log files?

Answer :


To determine the various levels of messages that are defined on your system, examine the kernel.h file.

Question 9 :

What command is used to remove the password assigned to a group?

Answer :

gpasswd -r 

The gpasswd command is used to change the password assigned to a group. Use the -r option to remove the password from the group.

Question 10 :

What command would you type to use the cpio to create a backup called backup.cpio of all the users' home directories?

Answer :

find /home | cpio -o > backup.cpio 

The find command is used to create a list of the files and directories contained in home. This list is then piped to the cpio utility as a list of files to include and the output is saved to a file called backup.cpio.