Set - 2

Question 16 :

The easiest, most basic form of backing up a file is to _____ it to another location.

Answer :


The easiest most basic form of backing up a file is to make a copy of that file to another location such as a floppy disk.

Question 17 :

In order to prevent a user from logging in, you can add a(n) ________at the beginning of the password field.

Answer :


If you add an asterick at the beginning of the password field in the /etc/passwd file, that user will not be able to log in.

Question 18 :

When planning your backup strategy you need to consider how often you will perform a backup, how much time the backup takes and what media you will use. What other factor must you consider when planning your backup strategy? _________ 

Answer :

what to backup 
Choosing which files to backup is the first step in planning your backup strategy.

Question 19 :

What utility can you use to automate rotation of logs?

Answer :

The logrotate command can be used to automate the rotation of various logs.

Question 20 :

In order to display the last five commands you have entered using the history command, you would type ___________ .

Answer :

history 5 
The history command displays the commands you have previously entered.
By passing it an argument of 5, only the last five commands will be displayed.