Set - 3

Question 1 :

What does EU do?

Answer :

Execution Unit receives program instruction codes and data from BIU, executes these instructions and store the result in general registers.

Question 2 :

Which Stack is used in 8086? k is used in 8086?

Answer :

FIFO (First In First Out) stack is used in 8086.In this type of Stack the first stored information is retrieved first.

Question 3 :

What are the flags in 8086?

Answer :

In 8086 Carry flag, Parity flag, Auxiliary carry flag, Zero flag, Overflow flag, Trace flag, Interrupt flag, Direction flag, and Sign flag.

Question 4 :

What is SIM and RIM instructions?

Answer :

SIM is Set Interrupt Mask. Used to mask the hardware interrupts.
RIM is Read Interrupt Mask. Used to check whether the interrupt is Masked or not.

Question 5 :

What is the difference between 8086 and 8088?

Answer :

The BIU in 8088 is 8-bit data bus & 16- bit in 8086.Instruction queue is 4 byte long in 8088and 6 byte in 8086.