Set - 4

Question 1 :

What is meant by a bus?

Answer :

A bus is a group of conducting lines that carriers data, address, & control signals.

Question 2 :

What are the various registers in 8085?

Answer :

Accumulator register, Temporary register, Instruction register, Stack Pointer, Program Counter are the various registers in 8085

Question 3 :

Why crystal is a preferred clock source?

Answer :

Because of high stability, large Q (Quality Factor) & the frequency that doesn't drift with aging. Crystal is used as a clock source most of the times.

Question 4 :

In 8085 which is called as High order / Low order Register?

Answer :

Flag is called as Low order register & Accumulator is called as High order Register.

Question 5 :

Name 5 different addressing modes?

Answer :

Immediate, Direct, Register, Register indirect, Implied addressing modes