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Question 1 :

What is SQL Server ?

Answer :

SQL Server is a DBMS system provided by Microsoft. SQL Server is sometimes mistakenly referred to as SQL.

Question 2 :

Error severity 13 indicates what?

Answer :

Transactional deadlock errors.
This level of error severity indicates a transaction deadlock error.

Question 3 :

In which order do you perform an upgrade to SQL Server 2005 for replicated databases?

Answer :

Distributor, Publisher, then Subscriber.
You always perform an upgrade in this order: distributor, publisher, subscriber.

Question 4 :

How many Service Packs will be released for SQL Server 2005 in 2007?

Answer :

Explanation: The answer is up in the air and this is more of a poll than a real QOD. Based on the ways things are going, the staff here sees just 1, though our hope would be that 3 or 4 would be released.

Question 5 :

You setup a linked server from a SQL Server 2000 server to your new SQL Server 2005 server (with defaults), however you cannot execute procedures on the 2005 server. Why not?

Answer :

You need to enable RPC.
By default, RPC is disabled in SQL Server 2005. You need to set the "remote access option" in your server configuration to 1 to allow the execution of stored procedures from a remote server.