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Question 16 :

Which of the following modules within SQL Server 2005 cannot be signed with a digital signature?

Answer :

DDL triggers
DDL triggers cannot be signed, but all the other objects can.

Question 17 :

What does this return?

Answer :

declare @i int
select @i = -5
select +@i

This will return -5 as the result. The + operator functions as a unary plus operator, which means that it performs no operation on the value it preceeds.

Question 18 :

You have installed a US English SQL Server 2000 instance with the default options, collation, and sorting. What does this return:
create table MyTable
( Mychar varchar(20))
insert Mytable select 'Apple'
insert Mytable select 'ant'
insert Mytable select 'Ball'
select * from MyTable where Mychar like '[^a]%'

Answer :

This should return "Ball" only since the ^ operator means not matching the next character. In this case, the first character should not be an "A".

Question 19 :

Where does Profiler store its temporary data in SQL Server 2005?

Answer :

In the directory stored in the system variable TEMP.
Profiler uses the location specified for the TEMP system variable.

Question 20 :

What is the Service Broker Identifier ?

Answer :

A GUID that identifies the database on which Service Broker is running.
Each database has a Service Broker identifier. This is a GUID in the service_broker_GUID column that identifies the databases on which Service Broker is running. It ensure that messages are delivered to the right database.