Set - 2

Question 16 :

If you absolutely need a report to look the same regardless of what OS or viewing software is being used, which of the following file formats would be the best choice?

Answer :

TIFF is the correct answer. By rendering as an image there are no concerns about different fonts, problems with page breaks, etc. PDF's are almost as good and more commonly used of course, with the advantage that document maps are translated to bookmarks that are usable - something not possible with a raw image.

Question 17 :

True or false, Report Builder offers direct export to a Microsoft Access database as one of its supported export options?

Answer :

False. Supported formats include Excel, CSV, XML, TIFF, MHTML, and PDF. XML or CSV could be easily imported into Access, but there is way to add the data directly from Report Builder

Question 18 :

When discussing image support in Report Builder, which of the following is the most accurate statement?

Answer :

Users can add one or more images, but they will appear in the header or footer of the report, they cannot be added to the detail row. Images that are stored as row data in the database can be rendered at the detail level.
Multiple images can be added, but they appear in the header or footer depending on where placed on the report. The only way to get an image at the detail level (row based) is to have it be part of the database and included in the model.

Question 19 :

Using Report Builder, which of the following is the best statement about the formatting options for Boolean columns?

Answer :

Booleans are formatted as True/False and there are no other built in options, but you could build an expression using IIF that would let you do other formatting
From the format dialog there are no extra formatting options for Booleans, Report Builder renders them as True/False. Writing an expression that you add to the model view is the easiest way to work around this limitation.

Question 20 :

What is the easiest way to capture the SQL statement for a Report Builder report you're troubleshooting?

Answer :

Run Profiler
Profiler will work as long as you have permissions to profile the server and is the the best solution because it requires no change to the Report Server itself. There is a way to log all report SQL to a log file, but that option was not listed here and is better used if you want to do analysis rather than troubleshooting.