Set - 2

Question 21 :

Clicking File, Save in Report Builder does which of the following?

Answer :

Saves the report to the report server
File|Save writes the report to the Report Server. Users have the option to also save the report to disk by using File|Save to File. Report Builder users cannot modify the model.

Question 22 :

Which of the following choices show the three report formats supported by Report Builder ?

Answer :

Table, Matrix, Chart
Report Builder can build a report formatted as a table, chart, or matrix (cross tab), but only ONE can be used in any given report.

Question 23 :

Using Report Builder, which of the following statements is correct about formatting numbers?

Answer :

Users can pick from a small number of predefined formats and they have the option to specify a custom format
There are give built in formats; general, currency, percentage, two place decimal, and exponent. Users can also define a custom format using a .Net format string.

Question 24 :

True or false, Report Builder supports using the LIKE function inside filters?

Answer :

There is no LIKE support, the next best thing is the CONTAINS function which works as if you specified both a leading and trailing wild card.

Question 25 :

Which RAID levels store parity information?

Answer :

Only RAID 5 (of those listed) contains parity information.