Set - 3

Question 6 :

You accidently delete an application from an instance of SQL Server 2005 Notification Services. However you have not removed the database, nor the application objects. Can you re-associate the application with the same SSNS instance?

Answer :

You cannot re-assocaite the application because when you add the application, SSNS recreates the objects. If they already exist, the create fails.

Question 7 :

How many users can be added to an application role in SQL Server 2005?

Answer :

This is a trick questions. No users are added to application roles. Application roles are invoked by a user.

Question 8 :

What algorithm is used to encrypt the Database Master Key when it is created?

Answer :

Triple DES
When you create a Database Master Key, it is encrypted using the password you supply with the Triple DES algorithm.

Question 9 :

Which protocols support Kerberos authentication on SQL Server 2005?

Answer :

Only those clients connecting with TCP/IP can use Kerberos authentication.

Question 10 :

You have a few new SQL Server 2005 server instances and you want to be sure that SQL authenticated logins must abide by the password policy. On this platforms can you enforce this?

Answer :

Windows 2003 Server
You can only enforce password policy on the Windows 2003 Server platform and newer.