Set - 3

Question 11 :

You are setting up a native XML web service on your SQL Server 2005 to respond to inventory requests. How can you you be sure that a SOAP queries that are looking for a WSDL response will be provided?

Answer :

Use the WSDL=DEFAULT parameter in the create endpoint statement.
When using the CREATE ENDPOINT command, you can specify the WSDL=DEFAULT parameter to generate a default WSDL response or use WSDL="spname" where spname is the name of a custom stored procedure to return WSDL responses.

Question 12 :

Where can you view the list of server-scoped DDL triggers?

Answer :

The Object Explorer for the server has a "Triggers" folder.
The server-scoped DDL triggers will appear in Management Studio in the Object Explorer under the "Triggers" folder.

Question 13 :

You want to be sure that your reporting solutions using a database snapshot are properly protected from disaster. How can you back up your database snapshots?

Answer :

You cannot back up a database snapshot.
A database snapshot cannot be backed up or restored.

Question 14 :

When you install SQL Server 2005 and create a new database, is a Database Master Key created?

Answer :

A database master key is not created when a database is created. It must be created by an administrator.

Question 15 :

What does the DEALLOCATE statement do in SQL Server 2005?

Answer :

Remove a reference to a cursor.
This statement is used to remove cursor references. If this is the last reference being removed, the cursor's resources are released.