Set - 3

Question 21 :

What does @@textsize return?

Answer :

The current value of the TEXTSIZE option for the SET command.
This returns the current value of the TEXTSIZE option that can be changed with the SET command. The default is 4096 bytes.

Question 22 :

In configuring the thesaurus configuration file for SQL Server 2005 Full-Text Search, you set the diacritics_sensitive value to 1. What does this mean?

Answer :

It means the sets in this file are accent sensitive.
The diacritics_sensitive determines if the terms in the expansion and replacement sets are accent sensitive. A value of 0 means accent insensitive and a value of 1 means accent sensitive.

Question 23 :

Before a user can build reports using Report Builder in Reporting Services 2005, which one of the following steps must be done first?

Answer :

Build and deploy a model
Report Builder requires a model and that model cannot be defined using Report Builder. The advantage of using models is that users do not need to understand SQL statements to build a report (but they will still benefit from a basic understanding of the relationships between various bits of data)

Question 24 :

What does the CREATE SERVICE statement do in SQL Server 2005?

Answer :

This statement is used to setup new tasks for Service Broker queues.
This statement is ue to create a new Service Broker service that is a set of tasks that are run on messages.

Question 25 :

You have a SQL Server 2005 sales database experiencing performance problems because of heavy I/O activity. You decide to create a snapshot of this database every hour, stored on a separate physical disk array and use that for reporting queries. However the queries still seem slow immediately after snapshot creation. Why?

Answer :

The snapshot still queries the original database.
The snapshot of the production database will only reduce I/O for changed pages. Any data that has not been changed will be read from the source database, which is in this case is experiencing heavy I/O itself.