Set - 4

Question 16 :

You want to automate the installation of SQL Server 2005 using SMO for your custom application and ensure that the encryption features are available with a service master key. What method would you call to create this key?

Answer :

The Regenerate method under the ServiceMasterKey object.
To create a Service Master Key in SMO, you would get a handle to the ServiceMasterKey object under the Server object and then call the Regenerate method.

Question 17 :

How can you determine which Service Broker ports are being used on your server?

Answer :

Query the system catalog view: sys.conversation_endpoints
The system catalog view sys.conversation_endpoints will show you which Service Broker endpoints, and therefore ports, are open on your server.

Question 18 :

In Full-Text Search, what is word breaking?

Answer :

Determining word boundaries.
Word breaking involves finding the boundaries of a word. This is different for different languages and SQL Server 2005 includes word breakers for 23 languages.
Can you call Notification Services APIs from unmanaged code?
Yes, but only for simple subscriptions.
Notification Services can be called from unmanaged code through a COM interface for simple subscriptions only. Condition based subscriptions are not supported through COM Interop.

Question 19 :

Which of the following is true about the Raw File Source in SQL Server 2005 Integration Services?

Answer :

It does not support an error output.
The raw file source has only one output and does not support an error output. It also reads faster than other data sources because it has no parsing or translation and does not use a connection manager.

Question 20 :

You wish to configure event logging for your SQL Server 2005 Notification Services instance. Where would you make this change?

Answer :

Edit the nsservice.exe.config file in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\NotificationServices\n.n.nnn\bin folder.
Event logging and most Notification Services configuration require editing an XML file. In this case, the NSservice.exe.config file is edited to set the appropriate editing level.