Set - 5

Question 6 :

How many credentials can one login be mapped to?

Answer :

A credential can be mapped to many logins, but a login can only be mapped to one credential.

Question 7 :

You are looking to secure your publisher to prevent unauthorized logins from accessing the data through replication. Where do you add the list of logins that have access?

Answer :

Add them to the Publication Access List in the publication database.
All access to publications is controlled with the Publication Access List (PAL), which is similar to the Windows ACLs. A list is created for each publication that is set up.

Question 8 :

What does the ERROR_PROCEDURE() function return?

Answer :

The name of the stored procedure that caused an error.
The ERROR_PROCEDURE() function is placed in the catch block of a TRY..CATCH construct and returns the name of the procedure that caused an error to be thrown.

Question 9 :

Credentials in SQL Server 2005 are used to access what?

Answer :

Resources outside the SQL Server
A credential is used to access resources outside of SQL Server. It contains the authentication information needed for accessing these resources.

Question 10 :

Which of the following is an invalid file name for a database file?

Answer :

None of the above
Explanation from BOL: SQL Server 2005 does not enforce the .mdf, .ndf, and .ldf file name extensions, but these extensions help you identify the different kinds of files and their use.