Set - 5

Question 16 :

You are implementing replication across the Internet for a large bank that wishes to move up to date pricing information to an analyst's laptop. They are concerned about spoofing of their main site by criminals. What can you do to secure the replication solution with SQL Server 2005?

Answer :

Set the encryption level to verify the certificate is issued by a trusted authority.
Since you are asked to use replication, a replication solution is to use encryption for the connection and verify the certificate being used is from a trusted authority. Setting the encrpytion level to 2 will do this.

Question 17 :

In SQL Server 2005, you are looking to implement full-text search. One of the tables you are looking to index stores Mircrosoft Word documents in a varbinary(max) column. Can you use Full-text search to index this column?

Answer :

You can use full-text search for formatted data such as Word that contains text stored in a varbinary column.

Question 18 :

To recover an instance of Notification Services in 2005 on another server, what information would you need?

Answer :

A backup of the database holding Notification Services and the XSD and XSLT files as well as the name and password for the service account.
To recover SSNS, you need the database backup as well as the operational files, XSD and XSLT files, stored on the file system and the account information used for the service account. Since SSNS usually works with data outside of the SQL Server, a domain account is usually used to ensure proper permissions.

Question 19 :

What type of connectivity does the readpipe/makepipe utility test?

Answer :

Named Pipes
The readpipe and makepipe utility combination will test named pipe connectivity.

Question 20 :

In SQL Server 2005, which of the following schema changes are supported for the publication objects of a replicated database?

Answer :

All of the above.
SQL Server 2005 replicated databases support the following schema changes for objects: