Set - 6

Question 1 :

There are two types of subscriptions in SQL Server replication. What are they?

Answer :

The two types of subscriptions are push and pull.

Question 2 :

What is the scope of the control permission in SQL Server 2005?

Answer :

It allows the grantee the equivalent of ownership in that they have all permissions and can grant them to others.
The Control permission is equivalent to assigning ownership of the securables. All available permissions are granted to the principal, and they the principal in turn can grant those permissions to others.

Question 3 :

When testing connectivity in SQL Server, you use which utility in conjunction with the readpipe utility to establish a connection?

Answer :

The makepipe utility is used with the readpipe utility to test connectivity only for named pipes connections. This utility has been deprecated in SQL Server 2005.

Question 4 :

In replication, what is each set of the source data that is replicated from the source server called?

Answer :

Each set of source data that is replicated is called an article.

Question 5 :

In SSIS, what is the difference between output columns and external columns?

Answer :

External columns represent the meta data of external data sources and output columns are used be data flow source adapters.
Output columns are used by all data-flow source adapters and transformations. They are not used by destination adapters. Put simply, they represent the metadata of the data flowing out of the component. External columns represent the metadata of external data sources and destinations. As such, only source & destination adapters have external columns because these are the only components whose buffered pipeline data interacts with these external sources and destinations.