Set - 7

Question 11 :

In SQL Server 2005, what does instance aware mean for a service?

Answer :

The service is installed once for each instances on the server.
An instance aware service is one that is installed for each instance on the server. An instance-unaware service is only installed once , no matter how many instances. Integration Services is instance-unaware whereas SQL Agent is instance aware.

Question 12 :

If you use the EXECUTE AS clause to impersonate a user at a database-scoped level. Can you execute a query through a linked server if the impersonated user has the rights to do so when normally logged in? No trust relationships exist between the databases.

Answer :

If you change your execution context to a user, which is scoped at a database level, then any queries to linked servers or other databases will fail. There is a way around this restriction if trust relationships are setup.

Question 13 :

The nesting level for stored procedures in SQL Server 2005, but how many databases can you access inside one stored procedure?

Answer :

The footnote for nested stored procedures limits the number at 8.

Question 14 :

Is it possible to build an index on a view ?

Answer :

Yes, an index can be put on a view but the first index must be a unique clustered index.

Question 15 :

What does REVERT do in SQL Server 2005?

Answer :

Restores your previous execution context.
If you have changed your execution context with EXECUTE AS, the REVERT statement will restore the last context prior to the EXECUTE AS.