Set - 8

Question 1 :

What does the SQL Writer service do?

Answer :

Handles Volume Shadow Service Copy functions.
The SQL Writer service was introduced to handle access to the data files in SQL Server. It allows backup programs, like VSS, to function while SQL Server is still running.

Question 2 :

Which key provides the strongest encryption?

Answer :

AES (256 bit)
The longer the key, the better the encryption, so choose longer keys for more encryption. However there is a larger performance penalty for longer keys. DES is a relatively old and weaker algorithm than AES.

Question 3 :

You are delegating permissions on your SQL Server 2005 server to other administrators. You have local, single server jobs on one server that you would like to allow another administer to start, stop, and view the history for, but not delete history. This administrator will own the jobs. Which role should you assign?

Answer :

SQL Server 2005 provides 3 fixed roles for the agent service that limit privileges for administrators. The SQLAgentUserRole is designed for local jobs (not multiserver) that allows the member to work with their owned jobs (edit, start, stop, view history) without deleting the history of any job.

Question 4 :

What level of permissions does a user need to create an assembly with UNSAFE permissions?

Answer :

Only a sysadmin can create assemblies that are specified as unsafe.

Question 5 :

Which optional SQL Server component must you install to ensure that you can create and execute maintenance plans?

Answer :

SQL Server Integration Services
You must install Integration Services in order to properly create and execute maintance plans since these plans are a subset of SSIS packages.