Set - 2

Question 16 :

Have you ever used MySQL Administrator and MySQL Query Browser?

Answer :

Describe the tasks you accomplished with these tools.

Question 17 :

What are some good ideas regarding user security in MySQL?

Answer :

There is no user without a password. There is no user without a user name. There is no user whose Host column contains % (which here indicates that the user can log in from anywhere in the network or the Internet). There are as few users as possible (in the ideal case only root) who have unrestricted access.

Question 18 :

Explain the difference between MyISAM Static and MyISAM Dynamic. ?

Answer :

In MyISAM static all the fields have fixed width. The Dynamic MyISAM table would include fields such as TEXT, BLOB, etc. to accommodate the data types with various lengths. MyISAM Static would be easier to restore in case of corruption, since even though you might lose some data, you know exactly where to look for the beginning of the next record.

Question 19 :

What does myisamchk do?

Answer :

It compressed the MyISAM tables, which reduces their disk usage.

Question 20 :

Explain advantages of InnoDB over MyISAM?

Answer :

Row-level locking, transactions, foreign key constraints and crash recovery.