Set - 3

Question 21 :


Answer :

A repository to store data.

Question 22 :


Answer :

The part of a database that stores the data. A table has columns or attributes, and the data stored in rows.

Question 23 :


Answer :

The columns in a table. All rows in table entities have the same attributes. For example, a customer table might have the attributes name, address, and city. Each attribute has a data type such as string, integer, or date.

Question 24 :


Answer :

The data entries in a table. Rows contain values for each attribute. For example, a row in a customer table might contain the values "Matthew Richardson," "Punt Road," and "Richmond." Rows are also known as records.

Question 25 :

Relational model

Answer :

A model that uses tables to store data and manage the relationship between tables.