Set - 1

Question 6 :

What is the maximum size of an array?

Answer :

Up to 60 dimensions.

Question 7 :

What is Query string collection?

Answer :

This collection stores any values that are provided in the URL. This can be generated by three methods:
By clicking on an anchor tag
By sending a form to the server by the GET method
Through user-typed HTTP address

It allows you to extract data sent to the server using a GET request.

Question 8 :

What are the attributes of the tags? What are their functions?

Answer :

The two attributes are ACTION and METHOD
The ACTION gives the name of the ASP file that should be opened next by which this file can access the information given in the form The METHOD determines which of the two ways (POST or GET) the browser can send the information to the server

Question 9 :

What are the methods in Session Object?

Answer :

The Session Object has only one method, which is Abandon. It destroys all the objects stored in a Session Object and releases the server resources they occupied.

Question 10 :

What is ServerVariables collection?

Answer :

The ServerVariables collection holds the entire HTTP headers and also additional items of information about the server.