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Question 21 :

How many global.asa files can an Application have?

Answer :

Only one global.asa file and it's placed in the virtual directory's root.

Question 22 :

What are Scripting Objects?

Answer :

Objects that can enhance the application are known as the Scripting Objects.

Question 23 :

What is the Order of precedence for LOGICAL Operators ?

Answer :


Question 24 :

What is an Err Object?

Answer :

Name it's properties and methods.

Question 25 :

What are LOCAL and GLOBAL variables?

Answer :

Local variables lifetime ends when the Procedure ends. Global variables lifetime begins at the start of the script and ends at the end of the script and it can be used by any procedure within the script. Declaring a variable by using the keyword PRIVATE makes the variable global within the script, but if declared using PUBLIC, then all scripts can refer the variable.