Set - 1

Question 31 :

What is a FileSystemObject object?

Answer :

It provides access to the physical file system of the web server. It gets and manipulates information about all drives in a server, folders and sub-folders on a drive and files inside a folder.

Question 32 :

What is a Scripting Language?

Answer :

It permits to create more interactive Web Pages. Validation, formatting of web pages can be done. VBScript, JavaScript are some examples.

Question 33 :

What is a Dictionary object?

Answer :

It lets you store and retrieve information in a flexible data structure. Each value or information stored in a Dictionary is associated with a key through which the information can be retrieved.

Question 34 :

What is Global.asa file?

Answer :

It is text file that contains details about an ASP application, such as when it should begin and end.

Question 35 :

What is an .ASP file?

Answer :

It is a Text File that contains the combination of the following:
HTML tags
Script Commands