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Question 41 :

What are the special sub-types in VBScript?

Answer :

EMPTY: has no value
NULL: Value does not exist (conjunction with database)

Question 42 :

What is Cookies collection?

Answer :

Cookies are text files that store information about the user by which the web server identifies and marks each different visitor to a web site and determines where a user has been before. A cookie can store information only when the user sends it. Individual cookies are limited to 4KB of data. The maximum number of cookies allowed is 300.
Cookies are stored on client's machine.

Question 43 :

What is the difference between Cookies collection and Form/Query string collection?

Answer :

Cookie collection does not have the Count property. Cookies can have multiple values for the same cookie name but each value can be referred using a key whereas in a Form/Query string cookie each value has to be referred using an index value.

Question 44 :

What is Server Object?

Answer :

Controls the ASP execution environment. It can set the amount of time script can run before an error occurs. Converts a virtual path to a physical path on the server. Takes a user supplied string and encode it into proper format for a URL string.

Question 45 :

What is Collection?

Answer :

Collection is a set of name/value pairs where the information supplied by the client is stored.