Set - 2

Question 1 :

What is Application-scope?

Answer :

Application-scope means that variables (and objects) can be accessed from any ASP pages that is part of the application.

Question 2 :

What are the types of HTML?

Answer :

Static HTML Browser uses HTTP to request HTML file from the Web Server
Dynamic HTML Browser uses HTTP to request an executable application rather than a Static HTML file

Question 3 :

What are the properties of Session Object?

Answer :

SessionID returns the session identification number for each user.
Timeout sets the timeout period assigned to the Session object for any application, in minutes.
CodePage determines the code page that will be used to display content.
LCID a locale identifier, which determines time zone and language, rules for the system

Question 4 :

What are the event handlers of Session Object?

Answer :

Session _OnStart This event will be fired when a new user begins a session with the web site.
Session_OnEnd This event is called whenever a session terminates.

Question 5 :

Name the ASP Objects?

Answer :

Request Object
Response Object
Server Object
Session Object
Application Object