Set - 2

Question 16 :

What are the tasks performed by < FORM > tags?

Answer :

tags provides space for the user to input values
the form has a button to submit information back to the server
It transfers control to another ASP page
It carries the information in the fields to another ASP page

Question 17 :

What are the collections of Application Object?

Answer :

* Contents collection - contains all variables added via scripts in global.asa.
* Static collection - contains the names of all objects.

Question 18 :

Explain the difference between POST and GET Method.

Answer :

GET requests are string data that is visible to the end user via the URL and a limit of 2kb, POST requests have no limit on total data and the user can't see the data in a query string.

Question 19 :

Why do we use Option Explicit?

Answer :

To avoid multiple variables of the same name.

Correct answer is - This statement force the declaration of variables in VB before using them.

Question 20 :

How do you write an SQL insert statement?

Answer :

insert into tablename (fieldA, fieldB, fieldC)Values('dataA', 'dataB', 'dataC');