Set - 5

Question 31 :

What is a formatter?

Answer :

A formatter is an object that is responsible for encoding and serializing data into messages on one end, and deserializing and decoding messages into data on the other end.

Question 32 :

Choosing between HTTP and TCP for protocols and Binary and SOAP for formatters, what are the trade-offs?

Answer :

Binary over TCP is the most effiecient, SOAP over HTTP is the most interoperable.

Question 33 :

What's SingleCall activation mode used for?

Answer :

If the server object is instantiated for responding to just one single request, the request should be made in SingleCall mode.

Question 34 :

What's Singleton activation mode?

Answer :

A single object is instantiated regardless of the number of clients accessing it. Lifetime of this object is determined by lifetime lease.

Question 35 :

How do you define the lease of the object?

Answer :

By implementing ILease interface when writing the class code.