Set - 6

Question 21 :

How many objects are there in ASP?

Answer :

8 objects, they are request,response, server,application,session,file, dictionary, textstream.

There are 6 objects in
a) Server
b) Session
c) Application
d) ObjectContext
e) Response
f) Request

Question 22 :

Which DLL file is needed to be registered for ASP?

Answer :

The dll needed for the is SYSTEM.WEB.dll

Is there any inbuilt paging (for example shoping cart, which will show next 10 records without refreshing) in ASP? How will you do pating?

Use DataGrid control which has in-built paging features for the purpose.

Question 23 :

What does Server.MapPath do?

Answer :

srver.mappath() maps the path given in the argument to the server's physical path.

It returns the complete(absolute) path of the file used in parameter.

It returns a string containing the physical path in the server's file system that corresponds to the virtual or relative path specified by the Path argument.

Question 24 :

Name atleast three methods of response object other than Redirect.

Answer :

a) Response.Clear( )
Clears the content of the current output stream.
b) Response.Close( )
Closes the network socket for the current response.
c) Response.End( )
Stops processing the current request and sends all buffered content to the client immediately.

methods of Response is Redirect a. Transfer

Question 25 :

Name atleast two methods of response object other than Transfer.

Answer :

a) Response.ClearContent( )
Clears the content of the current output stream.
b) Response.ClearHeaders( )
Clears the HTTP headers from the current output stream.