Set - 6

Question 26 :

What is State?

Answer :

It is the property of the web forms.
ASP.NET provides four types of state:
Application state
Session state
Cookie state
View state.

Question 27 :

Explain differences between ADO and DAO.

Answer :

dao- can access only access database
ado- can access any databases

Question 28 :

How many types of cookies are there?

Answer :

2 types, persistant and impersistant.
Two type of cookeies.
a) single valued eg request.cookies("UserName").value="Mahesh"
b)Multivalued cookies. These are used in the way collections are used.

rember no value method in multivalued cookie

There are two types of cookies:
Session cookies
Persistent cookies

Question 29 :

Tell few steps for optimizing (for speed and resource) ASP page/application.

Answer :

Avoid mixing html code with asp code

Question 30 :

Which command using Query Analyzer will give you the version of SQL Server and Operating System?

Answer :

Returns version, processor architecture, build date, and operating system for the current installation of SQL Server.