Set - 7

Question 6 :

Explain differences between framework 1.0 and framework 1.1?

Answer :

1. Native Support for Developing Mobile Web Applications
2. Unified Programming Model for Smart Client Application Development
3. Enable Code Access Security for ASP.NET Applications
4. Native Support for Communicating with ODBC and Oracle Databases
5. Supports for IPv6

Question 7 :

If we write any code for dataGrid methods, what is the access specifier used for that methods in the code behind file and why and how? Give an example.

Answer :

We use Friends Modifer for the dataGrid methods. Friend WithEvents DataGrid1 As System.Windows.Forms.DataGrid

Question 8 :

What is the use of trace utility?

Answer :

Tracing is a very important monitoring and debugging tool for distributed, multitier applications. Such applications often contain problems that can only be observed when the application is under a heavy load and the inherent randomness of a real-life environment. Trace utility allows developers and administrators to monitor the health of applications running in real-life settings.

Question 9 :

What are the differences between User control and Web control and Custom control?

Answer :

Usercontrol-> control that is created as u wish.
Web Control-> any control placed in web page (web application page)
Custom Control-> same as user control with some difference.

user control custome control
1.easy to create difficult full suport for customers using
Visual studio tools Full support
3. Seperate copy of the control in each
assembly only one copy in global assembly.
4. best for static layout best for dynamic layout.

User control
1) Reusability web page
2) We can't add to toolbox
3) Just drag and drop from solution explorer to page (aspx)
4) Good for static layout
5) Easier to create
6) Not complied into DLL

Custom controls
1) Reusability of control (or extend functionalities of existing control)
2) We can add toolbox
3) Just drag and drop from toolbox
4) You can register user control to. Aspx page by Register tag
5) A single copy of the control is required in each application
6) Good for dynamic layout
7) Hard to create
8) Compiled in to dll

Custom controls
1) Reusability of control
2) Pre defined Control
3) Just drag and drop from toolbox

Question 10 :

If I have more than one version of one assemblies, then how will I use old version in my application? Give an example.

Answer :

Change the assembly version number in the AssemblyInfo.vb file