Set - 8

Question 21 :

What is the exception that is thrown when there is an attempt to dynamically access a method that does not exist?
* MissingMethodException
* TypeLoadException
* MethodLoadException
* MethodAccessException

Answer :


Question 22 :

What method(s) must be used with the Application object to ensure that only one process accesses a variable at a time?
* Synchronize()
* Lock() and UnLock()
* Lock()
* Asynchroize()

Answer :


Question 23 :

After capturing the SelectedIndexChanged event for a ListBox control, you find that the event handler doesn't execute. What could the problem be?
* The AutoEventWireup attribute is set to False
* The AutomaticPostBack attribute is set to False
* The codebehind module is not properly compiled
* The ListBox must be defined WithEvents

Answer :

AutoPostBack attribute is set to False

Question 24 :

What method must be overridden in a custom control?
* The Paint() method
* The Control_Build() method
* The Render() method
* The default constructor

Answer :

The Render() method

Question 25 :

What is used to validate complex string patterns like an e-mail address?
* Extended expressions
* Regular expressions
* Irregular expressions
* Basic expressions

Answer :

Regular Expression.