Set - 9

Question 1 :

How can you debug failed assembly binds?

Answer :

Use the Assembly Binding Log Viewer (fuslogvw.exe) to find out the paths searched.

Question 2 :

Where are shared assemblies stored?

Answer :

Global assembly cache.

Question 3 :

How can you create a strong name for a .NET assembly?

Answer :

With the help of Strong Name tool (sn.exe).

Question 4 :

Where's global assembly cache located on the system?

Answer :

Usually C:\winnt\assembly or C:\windows\assembly.

Question 5 :

Can you have two files with the same file name in GAC?

Answer :

Yes, remember that GAC is a very special folder, and while normally you would not be able to place two files with the same name into a Windows folder, GAC differentiates by version number as well, so it's possible for MyApp.dll and MyApp.dll to co-exist in GAC if the first one is version and the second one is
So let's say I have an application that uses MyApp.dll assembly, version There is a security bug in that assembly, and I publish the patch, issuing it under name MyApp.dll How do I tell the client applications that are already installed to start using this new MyApp.dll?
Use publisher policy. To configure a publisher policy, use the publisher policy configuration file, which uses a format similar app .config file. But unlike the app .config file, a publisher policy file needs to be compiled into an assembly and placed in the GAC.