Set - 3

Question 1 :

Is it possible to connect multiple Bluetooth hubs?

Answer :

No, only one hub can be used at a time with a computer. USB or Serial devices can be added.

Question 2 :

List some Technology characteristic of Bluetooth?

Answer :

Omni directional,
Adaptive output power to minimize interference,
Support Synchronous & asynchronous services,
Fast Frequency Hopping to avoid interference,
Short data packets to maximize capacity during interface.

Question 3 :

What is the total number of masters and slaves in a piconet?

Answer :

1 Master and 7 Slaves.

Question 4 :

Under what frequency range does Bluetooth work?

Answer :

2.45 GHz is the frequency range.

Question 5 :

What is the frequency range used for Bluetooth in Europe and United States?

Answer :

2402 MHz to 2480 MHz are the frequency ranges used in USA and Europe