Set - 4

Question 1 :

What is Airport?

Answer :

Airport is a wireless communications system, like Bluetooth. It is based on the IEEE 802.11 recommendation. It also uses 2.4 GHz frequency band, but its range is about 45 meters and it boasts a transmission speed of 11 Mbit/second. It is developed by Lucent Technologies.

Question 2 :

Which technology is used in Bluetooth for avoiding interference?

Answer :

Frequency hopping is the technology used in Bluetooth.

Question 3 :

How many SCO links are there in a piconet?

Answer :

In a piconet, there can be up to three SCO links of 64,000 bits per second each.

Question 4 :

Which Bluetooth version uses adaptive frequency hopping? Why?

Answer :

In Version 1.2 Adaptive frequency hopping method is used, which improves resistance to radio interference, and provides higher transmission speed.

Question 5 :

Is it possible to connect multiple Bluetooth hubs?

Answer :

No, only one hub can be used at a time with a computer. USB or Serial devices can be added.

Question 6 :

List some Technology characteristic of Bluetooth?

Answer :

Omni directional, Adaptive output power to minimize interference, Support Synchronous & asynchronous services, Fast Frequency Hopping to avoid interference, Short data packets to maximize capacity during interface.

Question 7 :

Which method is primarily used for Voice transfer?

Answer :

Synchronous Connection Oriented (SCO) is a method primarily used for Voice transfer.

Question 8 :

What is the strength of the signal transmitted by powerful cell phones?

Answer :

The powerful cell phones can transmit a signal of 3 watts.

Question 9 :

What are the other (competing or not) wireless technologies?

Answer :

Wi-Fi, IrDa, EDGE, UWB (Ultra Wide Band)